Most Haunted Viewing Stats: An Update

Well, since our last post on our site about Most Haunted viewing statistics, we’ve received some… erm… interesting feedback about that. In fact, it was so interesting that we’ve had to block certain accounts on our Twitter feed because their “feedback” was pretty relentless, and a bit too over-the-top. Calm down, folks. It’s just ghost hunting television ?

In the episode, Paul says ‘I looked online to look at like, press releases for the new Most Haunted and this is what’s happened. Since it’s come back to Really, the viewing figures apparently, are 30% higher than ten years ago. ‘ Paul was referring to this tweet from the producer of Most Haunted, Karl Beattie in which it is claimed that viewing figures are ‘up to 30% higher than ten years ago’.

Our original statistical analysis of viewing stats for ‘Most Haunted’ used a date range which didn’t actually include proper episode broadcasts. As Paul is the only one in the show who watches Most Haunted for reasons only he really understands, we’d overlooked this. Our bad.

So, to see if this claim really does stand up to the figures, we thought we’d do another analysis and comparison. However, because there isn’t any overlap between dates the show was aired on Living TV back in the day, and the dates on which it airs on Really today (and because we wanted specifically look at the gap of 10 years for comparison,) we’ve used the first episodes to air in 2007 vs. the first episodes aired in 2017.

We used broadcast dates from IMDB and audience stats provided by BARB.

w/e 21/04/17 367,000 w/e 07/01/07 269,000
w/ 28/04/17 301,000 w/e 14/01/07 368,000
w/e 05/05/17 353,000 w/e 21/01/07 365,000
w/e 14/05/17 278,000 w/e 28/01/07 211,000
Total 1,299,000 Total 1,213,000

That’s a difference of 86,000 views over the selected time period which would certainly indicate that the ‘up to 30% higher’ claim was correct. Were you to look at a longer run of episodes, the bigger data set would likely reveal more useful patterns which may or may not back up the ‘up to 30%’ statistic provided by Karl Beattie. We could have done this, but we were too busy watching some paint dry.

These dates- which were selected at random -demonstrate that our original statement was correct. However, we have some further observations that we think are worth sharing:

  1. It doesn’t really matter. You could probably select any set of dates to compare and you would see different patterns emerging.
  2. There are also confounding variables at play here that just aren’t possible to include in an analysis of this nature.
  3. It doesn’t really matter.
  4. Why do people who hate Most Haunted so much, spend so much time watching it?
  5. It doesn’t really matter.
  6. it doesn’t really matter.

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