Season 1: Ep. 17

Here is the first episode of 2017 featuring ghosts, werewolves, timeslips and much more.

Here are those all important links: 
Alistair Gets Angry in the Local News
the spirit of one of William the Conqueror’s favourite barons gave him a haunted BEARD during an investigation of a 14th-century castle

Ghost hunter tries to trace Leeds sisters after haunted encounter in a newsagent
Paranormal investigators say they captured ghostly image in Biddeford City Theater
Paranormal Investigator takes on Werewolf of Cannock ChaseHayley’s Open Letter to Lee Brickley
Lee Brickley’s blog
Pig-man of Cannock Chase? It’s the army telling porkies!
Did This Man Really Find a Wormhole Under His Sink?

Things that we plugged:
The Barshens Youtube Channel
Cheapshow Podcast
Angry People in Local News Facebook page
The Devil’s Walk, Charlie Revelle Smith
The London Fortean Society present – Killer Clowns: Moral Panic and Urban Myth

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