Season 1: Ep. 1

Welcome to the first ever episode of The Spooktator with Hayley Stevens, Ash Pryce, Paul Gannon, Mike Gage and Alistair Coleman! This is the podcast that casts an eye back at the dodgy paranormal headlines from the previous month.


Alistair discusses: The medium who came to the rescue of the haunted Plaice Station Chippy
Mikey discusses: The calculator that’s haunted (watch the original video here) (find the video Hayley discusses here) (find another haunted calculator here)
Paul discusses: The haunting of Meatloaf (you can watch the show here if you must)
Ash discusses: The ghost of an 18th Century child caught in a photo


In this episode we discuss the Halloween 2015 Most Haunted Live show that came to our televisions from 30 East Drive, Pontefract – the home of what people describe to be Europe’s most feared poltergiest. Oooh! Over at Bad Psychics, Jon Donnis has a run down of all the dodgy things that happened through the episodes.

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