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It seems we’ve ruffled some feathers over at the BadPsychics twitter account with the claim in Season 2 Episode 2 that the viewing statistic for the television show Most Haunted seem to indicate that the show is more popular now than a decade ago.

On Twitter, the BadPsychics account insisted that we were incorrect about this, and despite us explaining what we meant when we said this on The Spooktator, we were told we were just wrong. Therefore, we’re pleased to be able to take this chance to clarify here why we don’t believe we’re incorrect about this.

We used the viewing statistics available from BARB for the two channels that Most Haunted has been available to watch on: Really and Living. It was aired on Living originally and moved to Really more recently.

Here are the statistics for January 2018 on Really compared to January 2008 on Living:

w/e 07/01/2018 NOT IN TOP 10 w/e 06/01/2008 NOT IN TOP 10
w/e 14/01/2018 NOT IN TOP 10 w/e 13/01/2008 NOT IN TOP 10
w/e 21/01/2018 301,000 w/e 20/01/2008 NOT IN TOP 10
w/e 28/01/2018 204,000 w/e 27/01/2008 NOT IN TOP 10
Total 505,000 Total n/a

There are several weeks in which Most Haunted was not featured in the Top Ten shows for the channels, however this doesn’t mean the shows were watched by 0 people. So, to account for this, we have presumed (for the sake of calculation,) that Most Haunted was 1,000 views off from the #10 spot in the Top Ten list for these weeks. We have calculated an estimated number of views by taking into account the number of views the show in the #10 spot received, and deducting 1,000 from this figure.

w/e 07/01/2018 129,000 w/e 06/01/2008 136,000
w/e 14/01/2018 140,000 w/e 13/01/2008 139,000
w/e 21/01/2018 301,000* w/e 20/01/2008 148,000
w/e 28/01/2018 204,000* w/e 27/01/2008 138,000
Total 774,000 Total 562,000

*actual viewing figure based on position in Top 10 List that week.

Here is a scatterchart based on these figures:

Here are the comparable figures from the Top Ten lists for February 2018 on Really and February 2008 on Living:

w/e 18/02/2018 194,000 w/e 24/02/2008 228,000
w/e 11/02/2018 281,000 w/e 17/02/2008 NOT IN TOP 10
w/e 04/02/2018 228,000 w/e 10/02/2008 NOT IN TOP 10
Total 703,000 Total 228,000

Once again, we have used the same method to estimate viewing figures for those weeks that Most Haunted did not appear in the Top Ten show list, as follows:

w/e 18/02/2018 194,000* w/e 24/02/2008 228,000*
w/e 11/02/2018 281,000* w/e 17/02/2008 129,000
w/e 04/02/2018 228,000* w/e 10/02/2008 162,000
Total 703,000 Total 519,000

*actual viewing figure based on position in Top 10 List that week.

Here is a scatterchart based on these figures:

Again, it is clear to see that Most Haunted is performing better on the Really channel compared to the performance on the Living channel ten years ago as the scatterchart indicate a positive correlation overall.

In one of their tweets to us, the BadPsychics account claimed that ‘As a percentage of viewership, how many households got get the channel etc. They are way down. Even if actual numbers are roughly the same. Living TV was never a free view channel. Really is. So either way you are wrong however you look at it.’

However, we were not claiming that Really was a pay-for-view channel, and were only pointing out that since the move to Really, more people watch the show, so the argument from the BadPsychics tweet doesn’t make sense in this context. If anything, it backs up the claim we made in Season 2 Episode 2, as it shows a potential cause for the rise in viewing figures. However, we’re keen to remind readers that correlation doesn’t imply causation. It could also easily also be accounted for by a rise in popularity of paranormal-themed television shows overall, more people having television compared to ten years ago, or the results of a marketing campaign for the Most Haunted show. We can only speculate at this point, but we are confident that when we said that viewership has risen, we were accurate to state this.

We try our hardest to be accurate on The Spooktator and are always thankful when listeners reach out to correct us about any errors we might make. We are always happy to be able to correct ourselves in future episodes because it is all part of the learning process. However, we would also hope that listeners who think we’re incorrect when we are not are willing to listen to our explanations.

Remember, spooky is in the eye of the beholder.

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    1. Hi Richard,

      We did indeed get the broadcast dates wrong and have since written another post outlining this. However, the stats still check out.

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